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Dominicon was born on the 26th of November, in Rome Georgia.

His earliest musical influences came from listening to all types of music, as well as, listening to his mother, and grandmother sing in the Church Choir. He enjoyed what he heard, and saw, therefore he decided to join the Choir himself. As Dominicon reached Junior High, he started DJing, and doing small parties. When he hit High School the party’s continued. He began DJing in Project Centers, Schools, and Block Parties. He did most of the parties for free. But he sold the tapes he recorded, while DJing, to help balance the financial demands of buying equipment.

Growing up, Dominicon attended Main Elementary School, East Rome Junior High School, and East Rome High School. He signed up for the Military delayed entry program in 1986 while in high school. After graduating from East Rome High School in 1988. Dominicon left Rome to begin his Military Career. Years later Dominicon decided to explore Music again, the Business of Music and Music Production professionally. In January of 2011, he enrolled in Berklee College of Music, and began working towards his master’s in music production and Technology. Dominicon is consistently working to further his education. In August 2016, he enrolled in Hofa College to expand on his knowledge as an Audio Engineer.

Dominicon is the not only the owner of Chubb Records. He is also a Producer as well as the Executive Producer for most of the projects released through "Chubb Records". He enjoys working with artists from all genres of music.
He works discreetly with many amateurs, professionals, and celebrities from around the world, within and outside the music and film industry.

Dominicon Raps, Sings, Performs, Manages, Produces, Artists, Etc. signed to, and working with Chubb Records, and the Chubb Companies. He is multi-talent that does everything inside, and outside the Music Business. Although being a multi-talent, he does not do everything alone. Dominicon has a strong team that stands with him to get the job done.

In 2014 he started a multi-genre music show. The show was named, "THE CHUBB SHOW". Within a short period of time, the Show proved to be a worldwide success.

THE CHUBB SHOW is viewed in more than 130 countries. The Show airs regularly on OKTV in Germany, Amazon Fire TV, ROKU TV, Vimeo and other download and streaming locations. There is also an App that can be downloaded free of charge from The App Store and Google Play. Currently in Season 5, there are more than 100 shows available online free to watch.

THE CHUBB SHOW is still growing, and opening doors to Seasoned Entertainers and New Talent; Amateur and Professional around the World.

Dominicon is truly passionate about music and helping others.

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